Love’s Courage by Mokopi Shale

Love's Courage
Love’s Courage

Available at and CNA.

 Twenty-nine-year-old Lesego Khumoetsile has no intention of getting into a serious relationship. She has big plans of creating a cultural retreat where the young and trendy can take a break from the bustling pace of Jozi to learn about their heritage. Bumping into Kenneth Tumaole won’t distract her from her goals, not even when they start a steamy romance that leaves them both gasping for breath.

When Lesego applies for funding for her project, Kenneth is assigned as her head financier, but their attraction is too strong for them to stay away from each other, despite the potential conflict of interest. Then a media scandal erupts which drives them apart. Will Lesego have the courage to put aside her pride and accept Kenneth’s love?

A steaming hot romance for the modern woman.

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One Response to Love’s Courage by Mokopi Shale

  1. Thembi says:

    Wow what a lovely and yet eye opening book I love it,its real and somehow I feel its based on me on this moment so its a great book that I’ve ever read. It took me three days and nights to read I remember I woke up @ 12 mid night and slept @ about 2 reading it just can’t get enough of it judging by the fact that I love romance mhhhhhhhhhhhhn……

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